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1. Purpose

The completion of this form is requested by the Management Company to record the Owners/Residents of the building. The information assists management and the Board of Directors to identify the residents; to identify the responsible parties; to verify the assigned parking, locker and locker facilities; and whom to contact for emergencies and notices. If the information changes in future, your advice to management of the change will be appreciated.

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Non-Resident Owners are requested to provide non-resident address below and also required to complete Section 3.

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3. Tenant / Resident Record

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4. E-mail Address

If you wish to receive information and notices by e-mail.


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7. Emergency Contact

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8. Disabled Persons

The Fire Code dictates that a record be kept of all the persons requiring assistance in case of emergency. Will any occupant of your suite need special assistance in an emergency? *
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Name of Disabled Person

Nature of Disability

9. Other

Please give details of any other information that you think would be helpful.

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