The following summary is designed to present an interested client with the scope and range of services available. A detailed list of applicable services is prepared for each individual property management proposal.

Residential Renting

  • Inspection of vacant apartments.
  • Co-ordination of apartment repairs/renovations.
  • Advertising of vacant apartments.
  • Prospective tenant verification (credit check, references, etc.).
  • Lease preparation.
  • Tenant move-in/move-out co-ordination.
  • Commercial Leasing

  • Lease preparation.
  • Lease renewal negotions.
  • Co-ordination of landlord work.
  • Revenue Control & Collections

  • Preparation of monthly rent roll.
  • Calculation and billing of utility charges/taxes/CAM charges
        (commercial tenants).
  • Deposit of rental payments to bank.
  • Automatic Bank Debit/Electronic Fund Transfer services.
  • Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal (Residential tenants).

  •       Preparation and service of N1 rent increase notices.
          Preparation and service of N4 non-payment of rent notices.
          Applications for above guideline rent increases.
  • Co-ordination of legal action against delinquent tenants.
  • Repairs & Maintenance

  • Weekly building inspection.
  • Co-ordination and scheduling of repair and maintenance
  • Receipt and investigation of tenant repair requests.
  • Maintenance of job requistion and purchase order systems.
  • Review and verification of supplier invoices.
  • Preparation of supplier cheques for owner signature.
  • Reporting

  • Maintenance of accounting records (general ledger/trial
        balance/bank reconciliations).
  • Monthly financial statements (balance sheet/profit & loss/aged
  • Co-ordination of annual operating budget.
  • Preparation and filing of PST and GST returns.
  • Administration

  • Short-term investment of surplus funds.
  • Paymaster services for employees.
  • Preliminary review and analysis of property tax assessments.
  • Preparation of insurance quotation specifications.
  • Owner/director communications.
  • Attendance at monthly owner/director meetings.
  • Attendance at Annual General Meetings.

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