Peer Property Management Ltd. has been providing quality property management services since 1987. Specializing in low to medium size residential and commericial projects, our goal is to provide clean, well managed and maintained buildings thereby enhancing our clients lifestyle and investment values. Our management portfolio includes properties in the condominium, co-ownership, and rental (residential/commercial) communities.

The property management duties and needs of each property are performed by a team of in-house experienced personnel. Each property is assigned a Property Manager who is supported in the performance of his/her duties by knowledgeable office support staff. Our Maintenance Manager supervises the maintenance and repair of each property's heating, mechanical and plumbing systems.

In addition to the routine operational requirements of each property we actively participate in any necessary major repair or capital projects. In recent years we have assisted in several capital projects for our clients including fire retrofit to meet the Fire Code, brickwork repair and replacement, tuck pointing, roof replacement, window replacement, and garage roof deck waterproofing. The costs of these projects ranged up to several hundred thousand dollars.

As part of our standard management services we offer to represent each property at the preliminary property tax appeal hearing so that we may obtain and analyze the calculation of each property's current value assessment for Board review. Recently we have also participated in the application process to obtain City approval for certain of our clients to convert from co-ownership to condominium status. We actively represent rental property landlord's at the Ontario's Rental Housing Tribunal in above guideline increase applications, eviction applications and tenant complain applications.

We believe in establishing a working partnership with each property's owner and/or Board of Directors so that we may better determine and implement the owner's policies. Such a relationship provides a combined plan of action to manage each property efficiently and to maintain the property at a high standard while minimizing operating costs. Management attendance at owner/Board meetings and researching various repair alternatives and pricing options are important aspects of the relationship. Monthly financial and management reports are prepared and presented to the owner/Board on a timely basis to assist in the review of the property operations.

A detailed annual operating budget is prepared for each property. This budget identifies the regular maintenance requirements as well as anticipated repair needs. Once approved the budget is the basis for an annual maintenance work schedule. Capital repairs and projects are budgeted as and when necessary.

The management team assigned to each property continuously monitors and evaluates trade and contractor performance to ensure that they provicde the best possibile service to each property. Life expectancy of property equipment is maximized through the implementation of preventive maintenace programs.

Expenditures for repairs and supplies are authorized by purchase orders issued by the property manager. All supplier invoices are reviewed by the general manager and the property manager prior to cheques being prepared for owner/Board signature.

Overall management and operation performance is continuously monitered and reviewed by senior personnel that all issues relating to a property are effectively attended to.

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